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Twine Game: The Cross Roads of Life is an Interatctive, Adventurous Online Game.

It takes a very special person to travel on The Cross Road of Life.The player has to choose the best road that will direct his or her life. What makes this game adventurous; the player doesn't know what secret gift awaits him or her at the end of each road.


The Cry:Film Script-Horror/Suspence/Thriller

Campers on Gunbower Island in Australia fight to stay alive from a vicious attack by a demonic dingo.


BoyWonder Meets EeensyPlex: Comic Script-Family

This story is about a young boy who befriends a tiny Martian who will eventually have him clone for a human study to take back to his planet.


The Drifter: Flash Fiction Fantasy

This story is about a dream drifter who travels through the intervals of time and space in mega seconds while sleeping. During this out-of-body experience he can take on many forms, some sinister and some inhuman.

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