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CERN, is the monster man-made machine the most powerful accelerator Hadron Collider built in Geneva, Switzerland in 1998-2008 by the European Organization for Nuclear Research started in 1954. The purpose of this large collider is to explore the structure of the universe in search of dark matter which makes up 68% of the universe. 10,000 scientists and one-hundred universities and laboratories in 100 countries collaborated on this project.

What are scientists looking for? The study of dark matter plays a significant role in the formation of galaxies. Galaxies are created when dark matter merges and clumps together therefore the universe is filled with over 100 billion galaxies and counting. The universe is never ending. Mad scientist are exploring the invisible dark force behind the expansion of the universe. Scientist never stop to think the unseen force behind the expansion of the universe is God? As humans we can only perceive thing in two dimension in a 3D world. The fourth dimension is the spiritual realm that is invisible to the naked eye as dark matter which is invisible to light and other forms of electromagnetic radiation. The energy force behind the dark matter makes up 68% of the universe. The dark matter makes up 27% and matter on earth makes up 5%.

If the universe is made up of approximately 68% of dark matter in a vacuum in other words a "vortex" of nothing but energy only confirms there is a higher force controlling the atmosphere in the spiritual realm. Man has made their own vortex called the CERN to suck up some of this dark energy hoping to see a glimpse into the unknown. The earth's mad scientist playing God creates an accelerator Hadron that soaks up the natural resource of energy from the earth's surface. Scientist don't believe in nothing they cannot perceive with the human eye this is why they don't believe in the spiritual realm because it's hard for them to explain something they cannot see. Everything is not meant for humans to explore. The CERN could open portals to other dimensions that is harmful to our galaxy that we cannot control or close. It might also attract other alien forces to our world just something the public need to think about.


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